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At Natural Escape, we are dedicated to respecting your needs as the unique individual you are. We understand the essential natural healing process and the attention the physical body needs to comfort the mind, body and spirit. Completely dedicated and passionate about always offering kindness, patience and serenity during your healing process ~whether acute or chronic.

Symptoms that your body may be going through are not in your head - it is instinct. Your body has the ability to heal and may be telling you something does not feel right and something is going on...respect and honor your body by listening to that instinct.  


Disease is understood to be the result of environmental, emotional, mental, nutritional, physical, social, and spiritual imbalances. Healing can only truly take place naturally when these aspects of life are brought properly into alignment.

Personally pursuing your own journey to wellness - exclusively through an Alternative Therapeutic approach - can strengthen your experience and educate you day by day as you find your path to healing.

Our purpose, is to help assist you in the path of self healing by treating the unique individual your are.

Our Alternative Therapeutic approach is available for you to achieve your fullest potential by taking your life back. 

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Please note that we require 24 hours notice to cancel any treatment or service or you will be billed the full amount.



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If you are in a life-threatening or emergency medical situation, seek medical assistance immediately.

I understand that Natural Escape,  does not diagnose illness, disease, or any other physical or mental disorder

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are not a cure, substitute for medical examination or diagnosis and that it is recommended that you see a physician

for any ailments that might be. Full consent in understanding that the therapist is helping with natural hygiene at

your own request and is not diagnosing, nor treating disease, nor practicing any form of medicine.